Solvikveien 18 N-1363 HOEVIK Norway

The relations between the building elements become the main purpose and reason. Pieces of plywood, metal, glass and cardboard are forming open structures that correspond with their surroundings so that one cannot say that they are grouped as isolated systems, but belong to a larger common engagement. The installations are short-lived and have a more direct way to communicate, because you have to be there at the right moment. They covey a direct message of immanent change and fragility that demands your attention now.

The objects are here for the moment of now, and then they are gone. People come together and have their interactions, music, talks and discussions. Individuals reflect each other even if they don’t agree, they respond and there is interaction. All carries the melody, and there is balance with instants of joy.

The art object can be decoded and the message transmitted in the same way as mathematicians share information and skills beauty through their equations. But this is the human valuation of the object as art. I believe in the objects own existence, independent of our conception. This object’s identity can be perceived in glimpses and it is the artist’s merit to introduce others to this reality.

We are constantly looking for points of orientation. We hate to get lost! My method consists of manipulating lines and forms. By so doing, I hope to come to a certain understanding of Reality. I may be lucky enough to arrive at a kind of intuitive knowledge, derived from selected observations and accumulated over so many years that some connections are eventually bound to break through.

The Black Table was given to me in September 2008 as a gift from a friend who had worked in a hospital.